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Welcome to our Online Parts Catalog. To find the right part to fit your exact requirements we ask that you contact us and provide us with the model number and serial number of the equipment for which the part is intended so that we can make sure that your part is correct when it arrives. We are adding items to our parts listings daily to bring you the widest selection of boiler, burner, and related repair and replacement parts available. Please check back often and call us at 1-800-552-6661 if you don't see the part you need.

We are committed to providing you with quick responses, competitive pricing, and quick deliveries.

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Blower Wheels | Boiler Tube Cleaning Machines | Brushes | Cam Assemblies | Control Panels | Controls | Diffusers | Electrodes and Flame Rods | Filters | Gaskets | Gauges and Thermometers | Glass | Instruments and Test Equipment | Low Water Cut-Offs | Meters | Motors | Nozzles | Obsolete and Hard To Find Parts | Pilot Assemblies | Pumps | Refractory | Regulators | Switches | Transformers | Traps | Control Valves | Water Heaters

Controls --- Flame Safeguard, Custom Design Systems, Pneumatic

Honeywell, Fireye, Siemens, Hays Cleveland, Warrick Controls

Power & Heat Systems is also set up to bench test all new and older Honeywell & Fireye Controls.

Call us today to upgrade your old style controls to the new style controls

Control Valves --- Safety Relief, Solenoid, Blowdown, Butterfly, Reducing, Check, Gate

Conbraco, Kunkle, Asco, Watts, Everlasting, Eclipse

Pumps --- Feedwater, Circulating, Condensate, Oil Pumps

Weinman Pumps, Burks, Bell & Gossett, Grundfos, Tuthill, T & T Pumps, Megga Pumps

Call us and let us help you size the pump that best fits your application.

Instruments and Test Equipment --- Combustion Analyzers, Flue Gas, Inspection Scopes, Thermal Imagers, Volt Meters


Let us help you cut down on fuel expenses. Have your boilers checked on a regular basis with a Testo combustion analyzer.

Transformers --- Ignition, Stepdown, Control Power

Allanson, Donagan, Honeywell

Gaskets --- Topoge, Flexattalic, Rope Gasket, Blanket Insulation, Fiber Board, Neopreme, Spray Adhesive, Handhole and Manhole Cover Plates

We stock a large selection of all different shapes & sizes of gasket materials to get you ready for your annual boiler inspections.

Electrodes and Flame Rods --- Ignition, Gas & Oil Electrodes

We stock a large selection of electrodes, flame rods, terminal connectors, and ignition wire for all types of burners

Pilot Assemblies --- Webster, Kewanee, Midco, Power Flame, Iron Fireman, Gordon & Piatt

If you need those hard to find pilot assemblies for Kewanee or Gordon & Piatt burners just give us a call and we can get it for you.

Switches --- Pressure, Gas, Oil, Toggle, Selector

Honeywell, Antunes, Siemens, Dwyer, Mercoid

Diffusers --- Webster, Kewanee, Midco, Power Flame, Iron Fireman, Gordon & Piatt

If you need those hard to find diffusers for Kewanee or Gordon & Piatt burners just give us a call and we get it for you.

Regulators --- Natural Gas, Propane, Oil, Air, Steam, & Pilot Regulators

Maxitrol, Sensus, Equimeter, Rockwell

Call us and let us help you size a regulator that best fits your application.

Cam Assemblies --- Lever Cams, Kewanee 16-Point Cams, Webster, Power Flame, Cleaver Brooks, Gordon & Piatt

If you need those hard to find cam assemblies for Kewanee or Gordon & Piatt burners just give us a call and we can get it for you.

Blower Wheels --- Backward Curved, Forward Curved

Webster, Kewanee, Midco, Power Flame, Gordon & Piatt, Iron Fireman

Nozzles --- Simplex & Multiple Nozzles & Nozzle Adaptors

We stock a very large selection of Delavan, Hago, & Monarch Oil Nozzles.

No minimum order is required

Gauges and Thermometers --- Liquid Filled, Dry, Digital, Tattel Tail

Wika, Ashcroft, Weiss, Lenz, Reotemp, Winters, Taylor

Brushes --- Flue, Furnace, Radiator, Chimney

We stock a wide variety of brushes in many different shapes and sizes whether you are cleaning pilot tubes, boiler tubes, furnaces, radiators or chimneys

Boiler Tube Cleaning Machines --- Goodway offers a wide variety of boiler cleaning machines and vacuums

No more cleaning boiler tubes by hand clean your boilers right and make the job quick and easy with one of the Goodway boiler cleaning machines.

Motors --- Electric, Gear, Explosion Proof, Modutrol, Blower Motors

Baldor, Emerson, General Electric

Low Water Cut-Offs --- Make-Up, Float Type, Probe Type, Mechanical

McDonnell & Miller, Warrick, Magnatrol

Glass --- Regular, High Pressure, Redline, High Temperature, Pyrex

We stock gauge glass for Conbraco, Penberthy, & Ernst gauge glass sets. We also stock pyrex sight glass for all different types of burners ranging from 1" up to 5"

Filters --- Oil & Air

Golden Rod, General, Fulflo, Atlas Copco

Meters --- Flow, Gas, Oil, Water

Fox, Orifice Plate, Differential Pressure Transmitters

We handle all different types of meters to measure what ever you may need measured. Call us and we can help you size a meter that best fits your application.

Refractory --- Refractory Adaptors, Tiles and Cement

Call us for your refractory repairs. We can get refractory adaptors or refractory tiles for any type of boiler.

Traps --- Radiator, Inverted Bucket, F & T Traps

Mepco, Spirax Sarco, Hoffman, Armstrong, Watson McDaniel

Obsolete and Hard To Find Parts --- Obsolete & Hard To Find Parts

For those obsolete and hard to find parts please call us and if we do not have it we will find it.

Control Panels --- Custom Designed

Custom designed control panels for boilers, ovens of all types, heat treat furnaces, or any combustion or heating needs.

Water Heaters --- Gas, Electric, Oil, Steam to Water, Water to Water

Ace, Atlas, Ergomax, Precision Electric, Aldrich