Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I need industrial heating parts from a company that has gone out of business. Can Boiler Burner Parts Depot help?

A: Yes! Boiler Burner Parts Depot has stocked many rare and hard-to-find parts from many companies, including companies that have been bought up or went out of business. We have “new old stock” parts, we have parts that are no longer made, and we have access to a network of companies that stock old parts. If we don’t have it in our warehouse, we will get it for you!

Q: I need genuine Kewanee parts – can you still get them?

A: Yes! Boiler Burner Parts Depot has a special stock of genuine Kewanee parts.

Q: My boiler and burner are basically okay, but many small items, gauges, valves, switches and the like, need replacing or updating. Can you help?

A: Yes! Boiler Burner Parts Depot has all kinds of parts, large and small, exact replacements or upgrades when necessary.If you have more questions, please send us feedback on the Contact Page.